• What the fuck is going on?

    Deciding what to do next when what's next looks more like an amorphis blob than a target

  • Tips on Working Remotely

    With a new wave of people working from home, here's some tips

  • Managing teams through churn

    Sometimes we just want to make a change.

  • On Gladwell's 10000 hours

    There's an old adage I'm sure most people have heard of, if you work at a skill for 10,000 hours you'll become an expert in that skill. Sort of.

  • Change is not evil

    Changing the way we work, the way we build software, the way people view and do their jobs is scary and hard. Persistence, dedication and a clear plan are crucial. You also just need to rip the band-aid off, as hemming and hawing over a decision and trying to get it just right by tweaking and reverting one thing at a time will lead to you ending up in a different place than you originally wanted. It's difficult to balance the need to get something out quick and get something right, but bare in mind getting something wrong can also be right.

  • What I look for in a Quality Engineer

    Job postings, hiring, interviews, team dynamics, fit, gaps, it's all pretty complicated. Thinking about your next hire, what does ideal candidate look like and the kind of skills and traits someone should have can be hard to nail down into a simple checklist for evaluation.

  • Finding your first software gig

    Landing your first job out of university is hard, and sometimes it's not what you expect. Here's my attempt to gather some thoughts, tips and advice that hopefully helps.

  • Think like an engineer, act like a manager

    The shift from engineering to management is abrupt for a lot of people. I struggle with it still, even after a few years. I've had quite a few conversations with new managers about the challenges trying to balance wanting to do things yourself, while also doing your manager-y duties.

  • Advancing past senior engineer

    Coming out of the 'so you want to be a more senior engineer' panel at Mozlando, a few people have discussed with me what it would mean for them to take the next step in their careers, how do they do that and what are the options in front of them to continue to grow. There’s a lot of good info about this floating around our internal wiki’s, but those weren't geared to my team in particular, so it seemed like a bit of a blog post was in order.

  • The changing face of software quality

    First Post! Actually a repost of something I wrote not long after joining Mozilla. You can find the original over on the mozilla services blog.